Tuesday, July 26, 2011

uji tahap kesabaran

silap2 bley mati kene pukul..
*sabo je la*

tahun ni byk ujian melanda...
paling getir rasenye skrg la

i'm not good dealing with elders or anyone senior than me
they might find me rude 
not soooo not me
but i knew that fact

my patience is kinda low
easily erupted for things i found worthless
but you never know what i am capable of
*bunyi sgt keji*

to know me is to love me and to hate me
this is life
nobody can satisfy you nor you can make people feel the same
thus, just accept the face and live the life

p/s: till the world ends, i am me

2 bullets:

mine said...

u r a nice girl :)

hyemynameisrasyid said...

Allah tak kan bg sesuatu ujuan tu pada hambanya melainkan Dia tahu hambanya itu mampu utk hadapi ujian tersebut.,^^

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