Saturday, July 23, 2011

free wifi

i think i remember read this somewhere
it means every inch of Perak will receive internet service
and its free

well, so far.......okey la
most of the places have receive this service
at my place
it is located at surau and masjid

another way to attract youngster to surau???

i just found it inconvenience coz
if we surf info it might be okey
but how about we are googling for songs, videos or anything entertainment??
and to spend so much time at surau
not to 'beribadah' but online

whatever the reasons are
i am here
at Madrasah Attakzim to online

p/s: i hate celcom berukband

2 bullets:

hyemynameisrasyid said...

hmm.,on the other side.,dapat mendatangkan keburukan bg yang menggunakannya kearah negative.,am i rite?

dalam surau pon nk surf internet ke.,haish.,

EmmaSafa said...

itu yg agak pelik tu...

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