Friday, July 15, 2011

segmen: gadget kesayangan ku

having a phone is really important these days
but the uses are not only to call but 
we can SMS, MMS, video call, games, musics, surf internet, pictures and musc2 more

i've came across this blog and felt like joining his segmen

 again, i join another segmen
this this, its about phone

this is my first phone nokia 2626
i got this after my PMR from my sis
yup, i really love this one
*since this is my 1st =)*
i've been using this phone for 5 year
*gune sampai lingkup*

 then, here come more canggih phone
nokia 5800 xpress music
given by my beloved baby =)
*sayang abang*
currently i am using this phone
however, sometimes this phone kinda mengong
 this is the latest phone i have
i'm not really sure about the model but it from imobile
it kinda a private phone between SAFA n EMMA
also given by SAFA =D

p/s: thinking of having an android phone

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Anonymous said...

beknya cik abg awak ye..hehe

Thx for join.. :)

Rafidah Farhana said...

Aku duk pakai nokia5200 la dulu kini selamanya :P

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